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  • Control de la iluminación orientado a las necesidades de los investigadores de Nueva Zelanda


Control de la iluminación orientado a las necesidades de los investigadores de Nueva Zelanda

sceneCOM S hace que la iluminación sea un juego de niños

Ubicación: Porirua/Nueva Zelanda
Productos: MSensor G3 PIR 5DPI, DALI XC G3, sceneCOM S CWM 30 BT DA2, sceneCOM S Commissioning App

Con las luminarias LED y el control de la iluminación inteligente DALI de Tridonic, el centro de investigación ESR disfruta de unas condiciones lumínicas óptimas y un menor consumo energético.

As part of the modernization of the Kenepuru Science Center, a building complex of the New Zealand Institute of Environmental Science & Research (ESR), the research institution was looking for a suitable DALI-based light management system. The idea was to automatically operate the through daylight and presence control for greater energy efficiency. And an easy-to-use light management system was required that would give facility managers the option of flexibly adapting the lighting conditions to the tasks and needs of the employees. Finally, the solution needed to be quick to commission. The sceneCOM S light management system from Tridonic was able to meet these diverse requirements.

Fully automatic

In the first phase of the modernisation project one sceneCOM S controller, three DALI XC G3 control modules and a dozen MSensor G3 multi-sensors with ambient light and motion detection from Tridonic were installed. Thanks to the sensors, the amount of artificial light in the building is now adapted based on available daylight. What is more, the lighting is only activated when people are.

Most of the lighting is automatically adjusted by the compact sceneCOM S DALI controller. It not only serves as an input device, control unit and application controller, but also connects the devices in the DALI network with the sceneCOM S commissioning app.
Thanks to the automatic, needs-based lighting control, the employees can now concentrate on their work even better while sceneCOM S provides the right lighting conditions at their workplace. At the same time – based on daylight and presence control – the light-on-demand concept reduces operating costs and increases energy efficiency.

Datos del proyecto
Proyecto: New Zealand Institute of Environmental Science & Research (ESR)
Planificación iluminotécnica: Rexel Lighting New Zealand
Equipos empleados: MSensor G3 PIR 5DPI
sceneCOM S CWM 30 BT DA2
sceneCOM S Commissioning App