Tecnología Smart City para Darmstadt

Pilot project for intelligent and adaptive lighting

Ubicación: Darmstadt/Alemania, distrito Wixhausen
Productos: , Sensores PIR para alumbrado público, módulos inalámbricos con cifrado end-to-end AES-128 (IPv6)

La iluminación inteligente y adaptativa en el camino de una escuela, una vía, una ruta de senderismo y un carril para bicicletas del distrito Wixhausen, en Darmstadt, ofrece seguridad y protege al medioambiente al mismo tiempo: la iluminación controlada por la presencia de movimientos permite ahorrar energía y evita la contaminación lumínica.

Los módulos inalámbricos interconectan las luminarias y retransmiten la señal. La transmisión de datos cifrada garantiza la protección de los datos.

As part of the “Digital City Darmstadt” project, a street in the Wixhausen area of Darmstadt has been equipped with adaptive lighting. The pilot installation consists of 13 energy-saving LED luminaires equipped with integrated PIR sensors from Tridonic. These sensors detect movement and control the brightness of the street lights as required. Tridonic wireless modules interconnect the lights as an IoT solution and connect them to the internet.

Smart lighting for safety and environmental protection

As a car, pedestrian, jogger or cyclist approaches, the smart interconnected street lamps provide adequate illumination. The wireless module in the first street lamp forward the signal to the rest of the lamps so that the entire street run is illuminated. This increases visual comfort and the personal sense of security. If there is no one in the vicinity, the wireless modules dim the lamps, thereby reducing light emission. This ensures that animals and plants are not excessively disturbed by the light, and also saves energy.

Smart City technology from Tridonic

The pyroelectric (PIR) sensors developed by Tridonic detect differences in temperature and thermal radiation from road users. If the sensors detect a vehicle or pedestrian they react by increasing the lighting level and then dim the lights back down again. The LED luminaires and sensors are integrated in a secure network. Data security is ensured by encrypted data transfer. Operators can access the system at any time via the Smart City platform and its management portal, for example to change the grouping of the lamps or the illuminance level. The platform also provides a status report for the lamps, indicates their energy consumption, pending maintenance work and possible faults. There are long-term plans to extend smart street lighting to other places in and around Darmstadt.

Datos del proyecto
Planificación luminotécnica: Luxstream (filial de Entega AG)
Luminarias: Luxstream
Equipos empleados: Sensores PIR para alumbrado público, módulos inalámbricos con cifrado end-to-end AES-128 (IPv6)